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Laboratory of Palynology

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Ms. Sylvia Chaim

Pollen2Studies regarding ancient vegetation and past environments are conducted in the laboratory of palynology.
Pollen grains from long geological sequences in the Dead Sea Rift (Lake Hula, Sea of Galilee and the Dead Sea) and coastal plain (e.g. Dor Lagoon), as well as from prehistoric and archaeological sites (e.g., Ohalo II, el-Wad Cave, Atlit Yam, Sumaka, the Ma'agan Mikhael ship) enable the reconstruction of cultural developments, life ways and human impact on the environments against the background of climatic changes.


The Laboratory is engaged in palynology and reconstruction of paleo-climates and ancient environments, including palynology of archaeological sites, Late Pleistocene and Holocene paleoenvironments and methodological studies.

Its research concentrates on three main foci:

  • Palynology of both prehistoric (e.g., Nahal Mahanayeem Outlet, Ohalo II, el-Wad, Atlit Yam) and historic (e.g., Tel Rehov, Hippos-Sussita, Sumaka, Shivta) archaeological sites helps shed important light on human subsistence and site paleoenvironments in different eco-systems, as well as highlight site-use and various industrial activities (olive-oil production, wine pressing, honey production).
  • Late Pleistocene and Holocene paleoenvironmental reconstructions, from the Jordan Rift Valley, eastern Mediterranean and Israeli coastal plain help draw detailed climatic fluctuations as a background for human activities in the area.
  • Methodological studies involve the highlighting of various issues of potential biases in the interpretation of palynological (and other) proxy-data, their relationship to actualistic research, the correlations between marine and terrestrialpaleoenvironmental data and among various disciplines, as well as their impact on the way we interpret the evidence while reconstructing past changing landscapes.

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