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The salvage excavation in the Quarry of Nesher, City of Ramle

In April 2006 the Institute has started a salvage excavation in the site of Nesher quarry. The quarry is located by the city of Ramle, near Tel-Aviv. The excavation is headed by the archaeologist Shlomo Kol-Yakov. The project is sponsored by Nesher Israel Cement Enterprises Ltd. The excavations here lasts for several years due to the special nature of the dig. Among the finds here one could mention: few dozens of burial caves have been revealed so far in what seems to be a Second Temple Period grave yard. The caves, most of are collapsed and rubbed, are carved into the soft rock; An underground tunnel systems which served as a hideout. The final report for the two first years was published in 2010 (see bellow) while the next publication just appeared at the end of 2012.

Volume II is available for purchase - Click here for online version.
V. W. Avrutis, Late Chalcolithic and Early Bronze Age I Remains at Nesher-Ramle Quarry, Haifa 2012 (ISBN 978-965-7547-02-1). The hardcover book is in English, includes 290 pages with hundreds of color plates.
Cost: 150 US Dollars or 110 €. For regular shipment via airmail please add: from the US $12 and from Europe 6 €.

Volume I is available for purchase.
S. Kol-Ya'akov, Salvage Excavations at Nesher-Ramle Quarry, Haifa 2010 (ISBN 978-965-91468-2-6). The book is in English, includes 367 pages with hundreds of color plates.
Cost: 110 US Dollars or 80 €. For regular shipment via airmail please add: from the US $12 and from Europe 6 €.

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